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woman smiling at Vista Dental Fear of the dentist and visiting the dentist is more common than not. Just like people are afraid of regular physician checkups, shots, spiders, etc., being afraid of the dentist and the procedures they do is common in both children and adults. This means that years can pass by before receiving a dental exam. Dental exams consist more of just regular teeth cleaning and x-rays, the dentist and dental hygienist perform many different exams that most of us have no idea about. Going to the dentist regularly to receive exams is important to our health because they can not only save us money by detecting problems early, they can potentially save our lives. At Vista Dental our professional dentists and hygienists can provide you with the best dental exams, cleanings, and procedures.

What Does a Dental Exam Consist of?

Dental exams are a preventative measure used to protect patients from painful teeth problems such as cavities, tooth decay, toothache, bone loss, and gum disease. Normally, dental exams will consist of x-rays that can look for things such as cavities, damaged teeth, and other abnormalities that cannot be seen on the surface. Then other exams will be performed by our dental hygienists or dentists to test the loss of gums, check for cavities, bite and jaw problems, and finish with cleanings that leave the teeth plaque free. A dental exam is recommended twice a year, every six months. This ensures that no one will go too long without receiving a dental exam that is crucial for good dental hygiene.

Why Are Dental Exams Important?

Dental exams can help find problems long before they progress into something hard to treat. For example, if you smoke or use tobacco products, your dentist can find signs of cancer and cancerous spots long before it spreads to other parts of the body. This could potentially save your life and can save on the costs of medical expenses if you go to the dentist the preferred number of times a year. Our dentists can notice things from your oral health that have nothing to do with the mouth itself.

If your gums are swollen and receding, our team might inform you because it is an early sign of diabetes. Dentists can also detect a large amount of stress by looking at the teeth, specifically if they are worn down from clenching and grinding. If you are pregnant and Dr. Kim notices certain signs of periodontitis, then he might discuss with you the risks of premature or low birth weight. These are just a few examples of how helpful a regular dental exam can be. Our teeth can tell a lot more about our overall health, and when getting an exam, our dentist can detect early signs of all these things before they progress more rapidly.

To learn more about the importance of dental health exams, contact our health professionals at Vista Dental at (360) 418-9040 for more information.

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