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How Puberty Impacts a Teenager's Mouth

Posted on 12/20/2019 by VistaDental
How Puberty Impacts a Teenager's MouthMost people associate puberty with growth spurts and awkward social experiences; however, the effects of puberty extend far beyond these things. If there weren't already enough strange things going on during this time, puberty can affect a teen's teeth too.

It may seem strange, but puberty is an important time for teeth and gum development in teens and making sure everything will be okay in the future requires close care of their mouths now.

When teens start going through puberty, the hormones in the body increase, and these hormones can cause a lot of serious dental problems if their teeth aren't taken care of. This is particularly important to females going through puberty as they have the most hormonal imbalances at the time of puberty.

Gum Disease

These hormone imbalances can cause swelling and bleeding of the gums. These are typically symptoms of gum disease, but in hormonal teenagers this might just be natural. Though it may be natural, it's still important to take your teen to come see us if you or they notice these signs. Gum disease is nothing to push aside and can ruin the health of a teen's mouth for years to come.

Speaking of gum disease, teens are actually at higher risk for gum disease than adults and children. This is because teen's hormonal imbalances make it more difficult for the gums to heal properly. Early gum disease can be cured relatively easily with proper brushing and flossing, but it's nothing to bat an eye at.

Another factor that may cause increased gum disease rates in teens is diet. Many teens have a poor diet consisting of bad foods or not enough food. When the body doesn't get the proper nutrients, it's hard for the mouth to fight off infection caused by bacteria in the mouth.

If you have any more question about how to keep your teen protected from gum disease, call us at our office. We're always happy to help when we can, and we can even help you set up an appointment for your teen if they have experience gum swelling recently.

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