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Tips to Make the Tooth Fairy Even More Fun in Your Household

Posted on 11/20/2019 by VistaDental
Tips to Make the Tooth Fairy Even More Fun in Your HouseholdThere are many tips for the tooth fairy, especially those that make putting cash for a tooth under a pillow much more fun.

Kids love losing teeth, not only because they get money in place of the tooth, but because they get to wait for the tooth fairy to show up. When this is the case, you want to ensure that you're providing a fun experience for all kids.

Ways to Make the Tooth Fairy More Fun

You can create tooth boxes that hold the tooth while it waits for the tooth fairy to come and grab the tooth. These are fun little boxes that provide a way to allow the child to get involved with losing teeth, but also more creative with ways to put the tooth under the pillow. This is important for some children that do not understand why they are losing teeth or that may be afraid of doing so.

You can also leave a fun little toy and some candy along with the small amount of money that you leave for them. This can provide a way to make this process easier, and more fun for everyone. A note is also something that many people consider leaving behind. Having it typed and providing a fun riddle or puzzle is also something that can be done.

Speak with our office today to get your child in to see our dental professionals. They need to have cleanings and exam performed to ensure that they keep a healthier, happier mouth overall. Our dentists' welcome children and can provide help on all children's oral issues. These issues are important to have addressed sooner rather than later. Children need to see a dentist as soon as they get teeth to keep them in the healthiest shape possible for the best smile possible.

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