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Why Is It So Important to Get Plenty of Water for a Healthy Mouth?

Posted on 9/20/2019 by VistaDental
Why Is It So Important to Get Plenty of Water for a Healthy Mouth?Water is healthy for so many reasons, not just dental related. By hydrating yourself, you're easily able to enjoy the many benefits of feeling better overall. Not only that, but it also helps to protect and keep your smile as nice as it can be.

We recommend all our patients drink plenty of water because this not only helps with their overall health, but it can help them maintain healthier teeth with fewer cavities and other dental issues.

There are Many Dental Benefits of Drinking Water

Drinking water ensures that your mouth remains hydrated and that it does not dry out. When your mouth dries out, this can lead to a series of issues. The bacteria in the mouth multiplies in a dry mouth. Drinking water washes away the bad bacteria from the mouth, providing a way to keep it from doing damage to the outside of the teeth.

Dry mouth leads to a series of other problems in those that are suffering from it, as well. This is why we find it highly important that you drink the recommended amount of water every day. Reduce the amount of alcohol that you drink, as well, since this also dehydrates the mouth and body.

Drinking water also helps saliva production, which produces good bacteria that helps to clean and maintain the bacteria inside the mouth, as well as break down food. This keeps the bacteria under control and ensures it doesn't break down the enamel and outside of your teeth.

Speak with our office today to learn more about keeping hydrated and the many benefits that come from doing so. We can provide an exam to let you know anything we recommend. We can also provide further tips and tricks, as well as treat any issues you're experiencing due to dry mouth.

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