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Dental Hygiene Changes When You Throw Up Regularly

Posted on 7/15/2019 by VistaDental
Dental Hygiene Changes When You Throw Up RegularlyThere are many reasons why you may find yourself vomiting on a regular basis – ranging from morning sickness while pregnant to bulimia. Unfortunately, frequent vomiting can cause serious health issues including dental issues.

How Vomiting Damages Your Teeth

When you vomit, you're bringing up large amounts of stomach acids that will wear away the enamel on your teeth. This is the outermost covering that's responsible for protecting teeth from decaying, fracturing, or simply becoming too sensitive. Once your enamel is gone, your dentin can also be damaged, causing your teeth's color and texture to change. Gradually your teeth are also growing weaker and more brittle too, so they're more likely to chip or break. Additionally, your gums can develop painful sores and develop infections.

Treating Your Teeth Properly When Vomiting Frequently

When you vomit frequently, it's vital for you to take especially good care of your teeth. This includes making sure that you always rinse your mouth immediately with water after vomiting. Doing so will help minimize the amount of acid that's found in your mouth.

While this is a good thing for you to do, you shouldn't ever brush your teeth immediately after you vomit because this can cause more abrasion to their enamel. If you want to do something “more,” try adding some baking soda to the water to help neutralize any acid in your mouth. Once it's time for you to brush your teeth, it's especially important for you to make sure that you use a toothpaste with fluoride in it.

You'll also want to make sure that you visit our office for routine cleanings. This will help you maintain the remaining tooth structure and gum tissue that you still have in your mouth. If you don't already have an appointment scheduled with our office for this purpose, make sure you call and schedule one as soon as possible. Your teeth depend on you!

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