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Protecting Your Oral Health if You Cannot Breathe Through Your Nose

Posted on 4/20/2019 by VistaDental
Protecting Your Oral Health if You Cannot Breathe Through Your NoseThere are plenty of reasons that a person struggles to breathe through their nose. Allergies, illnesses or a nasal deformity can all stop a person from breathing through their nose.

While most people worry about the problem with breathing, they do not always realize the other issues that this can cause. Not breathing through your nose can affect your oral health. It can lead to problems that will affect your teeth and gums.

What Can Happen
It is normal for people to breathe through both their nose and their mouth. If allergies or a cold cause a stuffy nose, it is difficult to breathe through the nose. The result is that a person breathes through their mouth. While it does provide them with the air the body needs, it also creates problems with oral health.

Breathing through only the mouth can cause the mouth to dry out. It also can cause saliva production to lessen. The saliva typically helps remove any debris in the mouth. Without the saliva the debris remains and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. A dry mouth also increases the amount of bacteria. More bacteria can cause problems for oral health.

What to Do
It is important to resolve whatever issue is causing problems breathing through the nose. If it is a physical problem, there are corrective measure to correct the issue. People with allergies can turn to medications that help relieve the symptoms. Stuffy noses due to a cold or other illness can also use medications to treat the problem.

Other tricks to helping deal with the dry mouth include taking frequent sips of water to keep the mouth moist. You can also use a cough drop that can help increase the production of saliva. A humidifier in the home can also help moisten the air and can help with the congestion.

There are many reasons people do not like when they have a stuffy nose. Finding out how it can impact your oral health adds to the lists of reasons to do something about it.

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