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Vista Dental Patient Reviews

“Before I had my dental work done on my front teeth I would be uncomfortable smiling and would not be able to eat certain foods without pain. Now that Dr. Kim has fixed my teeth, I have confidence in smiling and I feel fabulous about it! Thanks for giving me confidence in my smile!”

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Cora B.


“It says a lot that even tho I now live in Oregon I will come to Vancouver for all my dental work. No better dentist and hygienist in all my 66 years of seeing dentists!!!”

Candace F.


“Vista Dental provides an exceptionally high level of professional care. While I wouldn’t mind not going to the dentist, this is the place I want to go for general dental care. From cleanings to fillings to caps, I truly appreciate the care I have received.”

Harvey K.


“Dr. Kim is the best. 100% satisfied with the overall look and health of my teeth. I would highly recommend going to Vista dental. The staff is friendly and very knowledgeable as well.”

Michael G.


“The entire staff at Vista Dental is very professional and sincerely concerned for their patients. Dr. Kim is an outstanding dentist!”

Pamela N.


“Vista Dental has been great for our entire family!! Prompt, professional work every time.”

Joseph B.


“Vista Dental is a lovely facility. Dr. Kim and his staff are very knowledgeable, kind and considerate.”

Karen H.


“Dr Kim is a great dentist. He explains things thoroughly, very knowledgeable and very much interested in your dental welfare. I highly recommend him to my family members, friends and co-workers. Thank you very much Dr Kim for your hard work. Then comes Jennifer, a wonderful dental hygienist who is committed to her work.What a team!!!”

Josephine Z.


“Hello Vista Dental Staff. I just finished my annual check up on Tuesday, and today my prep for two crowns. Being 65 years old, and having had many dentists and crowns in my lifetime, your team is simply the best. I attribute this comment to the professionalism of Dr Kim, Jenna, Jennifer, and Rebecca in reception. You all make it so painless and enjoyable. Thank you for taking me as a patient! Blue skies!”

Randy E.


“Dr Kim & his staff is excellent at the services they provide. They are friendly and knowledgeable and answer any questions I have. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for dental care. I have been using their services for over 10 years.”

Rachael K.


“First off, I’m a big chicken when it comes to pain and dental work tends to come along with pain in my previous experiences. My regular dentist gave me a few names of oral surgeons to call to get a tooth pulled. I looked all of them up online first to research a bit and then called. After talking to all of the places I chose to go to Vista Dental. I am so glad I did! It was a good experience from when I walked in the door. Everyone was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I was a bit nervous about having this tooth pulled but Dr. Kim calmed my nerves and told me what he was doing and why he was doing it every step of the way. I walked out of there with no pain and not even any bleeding because of the technique he used. I would definitely recommend Dr. Kim and this office to anyone.”

Angela D.


“I LOVE Dr Kim and his staff! I moved here from Texas and didn’t have a dentist and needed some work done on a bridge that was failing. I received an implant and had no pain or bleeding post procedure at all! Dr. Kim is a gentle and kind doctor who has his patient’s best interest in mind. He is a conservative practitioner who strives for perfection. I appreciate how he treats his staff with respect and also how he shows compassion to his patients. Dr. Kim’s treatment plan saved me time and money- something unheard of in today’s world! Please do not hesitate to call and make an appointment with Dr. Kim!”

Kimberly H.


“I just had my wisdom teeth extracted by Dr. Kim and it was a great experience. All of the staff was very friendly and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. I would highly recommend going to vista dental!”

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Amanda D.


“My Family have been going to Doctor Kim’s for more than 11 years and would recommend him to anyone who wants a caring a Great dentist. Thanks, The Bono Family”

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Joe B.


“My kids grew up with Dr. Kim’s as their DDS. They are gone to college and comes back just to have Dr. Kim’s work on them. His prices are way cheaper than other DDS, again prove me wrong.”

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Melitta K.


“As always I had a great visit! Thx Jen, it was nice catching up with you. My family has been coming here for years! Nicest people :)”

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Monica A.


“What an amazing experience. Dr. Don Kim and his team are amazing. Beautiful new office and very comfortable visit. I highly recommend Vista Dental.”

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Kaye D.P.


“Awesome Care all around.. this team is always nice and never forgets you. From the moment you step in the door they great you by name. I will always highly recommend Vista Dental.”

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Bo H.


“I’ve been going to Vista Dental for years now! I have always been impressed by the staff’s professionalism and level of patient care. Doctor Kim always talks me through all of my options, including preventative measures, but I never feel pressured to do unnecessary work. I have never had a hygienist that I have liked better than Jennifer. She obviously cares for her patients and is extremely knowledgeable. If you are looking for a new dental office, this is the place to go!”

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Brittney M.


“As a person that has experience working in the dental field, I can attest that Vista Dental is using state-of-the-art dental equipment, including 3D cone beam technology, water lasers, and the best implant placement systems on the market. My experience with Dr. Kim was AMAZING! He took the time to address all of my concerns and questions (he’s very knowledgeable!). I have lots of cavities and problems with snoring and he explained the best course of treatment without making me feel pressured and truly had my overall health in mind. He is truly a PAIN-FREE, holistic dentist! Being in the dental chair typically gives me anxiety but Dr. Kim and Keagan (the dental assistant who is hilarious btw) made me feel COMFORTABLE and completely at ease! I didn’t feel the shot or any discomfort during the procedure. I had a lot of fillings (12) to be done but Dr. Kim completed them all in under 1.5hours! That’s impressive! He even took the time to show me pictures of my teeth with his intraoral camera while he was doing the fillings! I will definitely be recommending Vista Dental to all my family and friends!”

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Susan C.


“Update for 2016!: Still my favorite dentist ever!!! This place isn’t even that close to my house but it’s worth the drive. Up until I found this dental office I was jumping from dental office to dental office because I just was never satisfied with my experience, but at Vista Dental it’s always pleasant and enjoyable. Who knew you could call a dental visit enjoyable? I’ve had regular checkups and cleanings as well as crowns put in and it’s been great. Everyone is very friendly and makes sure you are comfortable and understand everything that is happening. I have a lot of sensitive areas in my mouth and they are very aware and caring for issues like that. Trust me if you get nervous about going to the dentist or want to go somewhere where they actually care about you and remember things about you, you need to come to this dentist. They aren’t just nice they are really really good at what they do!”

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Bria J.


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