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Dental Implants in Vancouver, WA

Dental Implants

image of dental implant procedureDental implants or implant-supported dentures are excellent alternatives for anyone seeking tooth replacement. If you’ve lost a tooth because of injury, accident, or tooth decay, you may be able to get dental implants. This high-tech procedure is really exciting for the many, many Americans who have lost a tooth or their teeth!

Have You Lost a Tooth or Teeth?

You’re not alone! About 4% of adults in America end up losing all of their natural teeth, and over 178 million adults are missing at least one tooth. A missing tooth is nothing to be ashamed of – and it’s something that can be repaired!

The most common problems people encounter when it comes to missing teeth are:

  • When the root of the tooth is removed, your jawbone suffers deterioration. That’s why dentures that are not secured with an implant can lead to a “caved-in” appearance around your mouth.
  • Even missing one tooth can change your quality of life and your self-confidence.
  • When you have lost a tooth or teeth, the remaining teeth have to take on the extra work required to chew your food. This can lead to instability in the teeth surrounding the missing tooth and can cause the loss of more teeth over time. So, even missing a single tooth can lead to the loss of many teeth if dental intervention isn’t done.
  • Removable dentures are uncomfortable while other dental prosthetics like bridges can wear at the adjacent teeth.

So, what is the best, most permanent solution for missing teeth? Your answer is dental implants.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are simply a replacement for both your tooth and the root. We first replace the root by placing a post into your jaw, stimulating the jaw bone and providing a stable support for artificial teeth. Once the post is in place, we can attach a replacement tooth. In the case of multiple missing teeth, we can place several posts in your jaw and use them as a base for stable dentures.

Either way, once implants are in place, they act very similarly to regular teeth. They don’t require special cleaning – just your regular brushing and flossing routine. Teeth held in place by implants don’t slide around like dentures, and they don’t require other teeth to support them.

At Vista Dental we pride ourselves on being the leading dental implant office in Vancouver, WA. Dr. Don Kim has passion combined with extensive education to help our patients restore their smile permanently.

Benefits of Dental Implants

One of the biggest oral health benefits provided by dental implants is the retention of your jawbone. When you lose even one tooth, your jawbone becomes less supported and may recede. With dental implants anchored into place in your jaw, the bone feels as if it has a new tooth in place and this prevents bone loss.

Additional dental implant benefits include:

  • Comfort and ease while eating and talking.
  • Stable prosthetic teeth.
  • Regained self-confidence.
  • Improved long term oral health.
  • Durable teeth that last for years to come.
  • A convenient fix for a missing tooth or teeth.
  • Feeling as if you have your teeth back.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • A permanent solution to missing teeth.

Whether you are missing one tooth or many teeth, we have the solution to fit your needs. Find out about our other dental implant options by clicking over to our pages on Implant Supported Dentures and our All-On-4(R) Full-Mouth Dental Implants – or just contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation with Dr. Don Kim.

Dr. Kim and the Vista Dental team are here for you every step of the way. From deciding on the right dental option for your needs to helping you navigate your insurance, Vista Dental has you covered.

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